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My name is Joshua and I'm a Frantic Elevators fan. I came upon your site through some links and was pleased to find exstensive audio and lyrics...though, my main reason for searching for the 'Frantics was to attain lyrics to Production Prevention! Is there any way to find out what the hell Hucknall is saying? I think it's one of the best songs ever to come out of the post-punk era (any era). Even still, a fantastic site and Thank You. Best,
Joshua Feigelman
I was just writing to say thanks for your rocks! I have had heaps of trouble tring to find info on The Frantic Elevators and your site is the best I gave found so far!!! So is there any albums with Holding Back The Years on it?....TFE version? Also I was wondering if you knew where I could get my hands on copies of the albums and singles....cuz i know they are pretty rare? Thanks heaps
Katherine Danvers
Come across your website after sorting out my record collection from the era of Eric's, Matthew Street, Liverpool. I saw a band one Saturday night with what I remember as a very witty lead singer fronting a band caled the "Frantic Elevators". He was obviously Mick Hucknall, had the crowd in stitches with his Mancunian wit! Must have made a good impression as I went and bought their latest single You Know What You Told Me from the now defunct Probe records. Still got the single as pictured on your site. I reckon it must have been late 79 / early 80 they performed, possibly as a warm up to one of the bigger bands during that time. Enjoyed reading your site. Cheers.
Martin Ellis
Been driving my co-workers bonkers for the past couple of days, coz I keep on humming Pistols in My Brain and Searching for The Only One. Totally cool, they could have been Beatles' songs. Tnx Ray, dunno who you had to bribe to get a hold of these songs, but it was worth it. You rock!
I saw the FE supporting OMITD in about 79 at Erics. As a consequence I bought the first single which I still have to this day in mint condition.
Mike Dixon
Just reading about the Frantic Elevators, and just wanted to add that Steve Tansley went on to join The Tony Dowlers Hellhounds band. My sister used to go out with him. I saw Mick Hucknall sing with Purple Haze at The Bullcote in Denton – I was going out with the guitarist at the time. He sang Child in Time amongst other tracks. Mick was superb. Keep up with the good work.
Nancy Morris